Seat Occupation Applications


NovelIC IPs could be used for the new generation of smart sensors in automotive and transportation area including aftermarket business approach. The NovelIC technologies are enabling provision of the miniature inherently low cost sensor products, being easy to be used and integrated. NovelIC technology enables the complete sensors products with 4 x 2 x 1 cm size or less comprising integrated RF front end RS060, signal processing entity utilizing dedicated IP cores analyzing heartbeat and respiratory dynamics, support circuitry, automotive interfaces as well as specific planar high gain antennas.

NovelIC technology may save lives and may improve the safety and the security.

The following applications may be addressed:

  • Detection of a human on a seat, with differentiation of a human from an object (replacement or enhancement of the seat pressure sensors)
  • Differentiation of the baby or child on a seat from an object or an adult
  • Minimizing the loss of lives of babies or disabled persons left in a car
  • Detection of humans or animals in the vehicle areas


Seat occupation detection applications

Sensor module functional topology - Frontal view

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