Assistive Solution - Visual Impairments


NovelIC is investing in the development of its own system solution, mm-Wave based Apparatus for supporting people with visual impairments, empowered by NovelIC mm-Wave radar IC.

    • A user wearable visual assistance solution.


    • The apparatus and method of operation for providing specific solution for object detection and object behavior detection using mm-wave radar approach, where the information about environment is presented by audio signal.


    • The apparatus is embedded in spectacles like shape for persons with visual impairments. The usage of the integrated mm-Wave ISM Band 60 GHz front end, combined with the low cost printed high gain antenna with specific advantageously proposed radiation diagram, adequate base band processing, and dedicated audio signal generation, is providing major solution advantage for people, by having light, non bulky, affordable help in daily life.


    • Potential additional features like pattern recognition, system training on typical obstacles, as well as acoustic guiding and audio navigation.


    • Proposed invention addresses also features usable for individuals being in darkness, strong fog and fog like environments like smoke. This invention addresses explicitly also specific industrial, security and safety applications.


The details of the work will be publicly announced in the near future.

Specification, planning, and subsystem proof-of-concept phase is financed by the Innovation Fund, within Innovation Serbia Project funded by EU IPA I 2011 and administered by the World Bank.

Further information may be disclosed to the privileged parties, under NDA. For more information please contact us.


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