Antenna IP


Planar Antenna Array Concept for mm-wave Radar Sensor Application

NovelIC IP portfolio covers special antenna solution to be integrated in the future small HW modules as a part of the sensor systems. The antenna solution offers following features:

  • High gain antenna with 20dB directivity and planar size of 18 x 18mm.
  • Ultra wideband frequency band covering complete band from 55 GHz to 74 GHz with S11 better than -10dB. With the small adaptation automotive 77-79 GHz band may be covered simultaneously, with a complete 60 GHz band.
  • Planar feeding network.
  • Very low manufacturing tolerance dependency on antenna performance allowing cost assembly and production.
  • Ideal scattering behavior optimized for system requirements of vital signs sensor, driver fatigues sensor and seat occupation sensor.
  • Ability to be realized in polymer process.
  • About 15 degree beam for specific application, the same topology would allow about 3,5 degree beam as planar low cost antenna.
  • 18 dBi gain, including 2 dB losses.
  • 13-50 cm diameter 3dB gain sensing area  on 50-100 cm distance target.
  • Ideal for vital signs sensing on the human chest.


 •  Very wideband frequency matching allowing low cost and tolerance independent manufacturing
 •  Covers simultaneously ISM 60 GHz band and automotive 77-79 GHz Band, providing about 18 dBi gain (after antenna losses) .
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