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NovelIC develops a new generation of Radar Sensor Integrated Front End (RS060) operating in 60 GHz ISM band


  • RS060 is a single chip 60 GHz Radar ASIC in advanced 130 nm SiGe BiCMOS process
  • Programmable output power and low noise figure, high dynamic range receiver enable the use in short or medium range applications
  • Integrated PLL is programmable to support FMCW applications with different chirp time and frequency deviation
  • On-chip programmable baseband eliminates the need for external anti-aliasing filters
  • Internal voltage regulator allows single-supply operation
  • SPI provides a simple interface to a microcontroller or FPGA

Block diagram and possible applications of the NovelIC RS060 60GHz Radar ASIC

RS060 - Preliminary Technical Brief (1.2 MB)

RS060 - Possible Applications (1.0 MB)

NovelIC defined the roadmap for the development of Radar Sensor Integrated Front End (RS077) for Automotive. Contact us for more information.


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