Expertise is the most valuable asset of an R&D oriented company. The key advantage of NovelIC is in-house expertise in AMS/RF/Digital IC design and signal processing, combined with system knowledge. The teams have been working together for the past 8 years on cutting-edge technologies. Our experience covers the design and implementation of systems from low-power precision A/D converters to mm-Wave front ends, including our 60 GHz integrated front end IPs and antenna design. Our experience in architecture and implementation of PHY and MAC layers for communication systems and signal processing for communication and specialized applications such as non professional radar sensors are highly acknowledged by our customers. On top of the deep knowledge is our capability of the system analysis, architecture, specification, design, implementation and testing. In numerous projects we started with design of the sub-blocks and ended up taking care of the design integration, validation and field trials of a whole product. Ideally we work on solution based on our IP cores.

Strong process-oriented project management is our key asset. Our system knowledge is proved by numerous contactless sensor related patent applications, addressing new markets, and system studies for ultra low power data communication based on pulsed based UWB Technology.


Our work contributes today to following applications and related sub-systems:

  • Short range mm-wave radar sensors
  • Wireless and wired communication systems up to Gbps
  • Automotive & Medical & Industrial and High End Consumer embedded systems
  • Object & Gesture detection systems
  • Measurement systems and industrial sensors
  • Embedded HW with mobile applications & controlling over short range wireless systems

Our team members have been working on:

  • Design of mm-wave communication and radar sensor building blocks in 60 GHz and 77 GHz range
  • AMS design of SC and CT A/D converters
  • Low Data Rate/Low Power UWB Communication Systems
  • Single chip 3-10 GHz UWB transceiver for professional applications
  • Non professional digital radar signal processing
  • PLC low date systems for power meter 
  • UAV automatic flight control design with 3D accelerometer sensors processing
  • PHY and MAC layers for several wireless standards covering Gbps applications
  • Proprietary OFDM-based communication system
  • Automotive sensor controller
  • Industrial sensor concepts, specification, designs, product evaluation and validation
  • Demonstrators and reference system designs

During engagement on projects our teams have been working on solutions in industrial, automotive, healthcare and communication markets with:

  • CMOS and BiCMOS technologies from 65 to 350 nm
  • SiGe technologies with ft exceeding 200 GHz
  • Processes from XFAB, TSMC, IHP, Tower Jazz, Atmel, ...
  • Low cost FPGA for cost sensitive applications
  • High performance FPGA for signal processing
  • Custom signal processing for DSPs, uC, ASICs as well as FPGAs

In our line of work we are using the following tools:

  • Cadence Virtuoso Flow for AMS designs
  • Agilent ADS for RF/mm-Wave designs
  • Ansoft HFSS for 3D EM simulations
  • Visual Elite/VHDL/Verilog for front end digital design
  • Cadence Incisive for digital front end validation
  • Xilinx ISE for back end flow in FPGA
  • Cadence Encounter for back end flow in ASIC digital design
  • Matlab/Simulink and System Generator in DSP system design
  • Embedded software verification tools such as Tessy, Polyspace and PC Lint
  • LabView for measurement systems
  • Altium, Cadence Alegro, Eagle for PCB Design
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