NovelIC is a B2B Company that designs and provides high-tech solutions in the fields of FPGA, Embedded HW/FW and Analogue/RFIC, as well as sensor and communications algorithms. NovelIC develops its own patented 24GHz/60GHz/79GHz radar sensor hardware and software for various applications: human detection and tracking, SRR systems etc. 

NovelIC people have developed a reputation of high quality designs on challenging projects. The core engineering team boasts demanding projects in field of RF/mm-Wave, Analog and Analog/Mixed-Signal IC design, as well as in Digital Front End Design in communications and signal processing applications, targeting FPGAs and ASIC.

The system design activities of NovelIC comprise: specification, design, verification and validation of the complex embedded systems, including HW/SW co-design and partitioning. Process oriented work supported by structured project management approach is utilized.

Through design excellence, NovelIC is able to balance performance and size as well as design costs to ensure unprecedented levels of performance combined with full customer's satisfaction.

NovelIC’s approach through design excellence and pragmatic goal-oriented cooperation models enables their customers to compete successfully in different markets.

NovelIC provides solutions for industrial, automotive, professional, medical, and telecom markets.

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